Man is the key to success – Human resources are considered the most valuable asset. Saigon Real Estate and Investment Corporation (SCTI) is always interested in building a team of managers and professional staff to SCTI grow stronger.
SCTI assesses objectively and properly the contribution of each member in order to help staff realize their role in forming corporate culture, constantly studying, creative, diligent. and righteous. Human resources policy is always improved so that staff have the best working environment.

1. Working environment

SCTI arranged workplace facilities; To supply adequate machinery, equipment and working facilities; uniforms for employees as well as personal protective equipment for employees working in the field.
The working environment is dynamic, professional, creating conditions for each staff have the opportunity to self-assertion, promote all their capacity. On the job is always the support of the supervisor, the coordination of colleagues and related departments in the spirit for the overall development of SCTI.

2. Labor policies

SCTI operates 44 hours per week. Holiday, leave and other holidays are subject to the Labor Code.
Employees come to work place wearing uniforms as prescribed and seriously disciplined, specifically as follows:
To raise the sense of responsibility and solidarity to accomplish all assigned tasks.
Absolutely adhere to the job assignment and maneuvering of the supervisor.
Report fully and honestly assigned tasks. When meeting with difficulties in the work, they must seek the guidance of the superior level for timely settlement.
Professional staff should not abuse their authority to receive commissions, bonuses from any organization or individual in any form that discredits SCTI.
Do not use the name of SCTI to work personally. Strict fraudulent practices in work and in the workplace result in loss of assets and benefits to SCTI.
Any form of disclosure, unintentional removal of material from SCTI’s office, or the provision of SCTI information without the consent of the superiors is strictly forbidden.
Keep business secret of SCTI.
Personal income is based on the judgment of the direct manager and viewed by the superiors, thus not disclosing personal income.

3. Salaries

The salary policy is based on the work assigned and the performance of the work performed.
Periodically, SCTI considers the performance of its employees as a basis for raising wages through the review of direct leadership.
In addition to salaries, SCTI is rewarded with good incentives to motivate employees: Rewards, Tet, and bonuses for performance.

4. Social insurance

To deduct social insurance and health insurance premiums for laborers according to current regulations. Maternity regimes, occupational accident insurance, severance allowance in accordance with the law.
In addition to compulsory insurance, SCTI considers buying additional insurance:
Comprehensive health insurance. Depending on the position and staff working away … SCTI has comprehensive health insurance for family members.
Insurance when working abroad.

5. Training

In order to build a talented team of staff, professional background and professional ethics, SCTI develops a training plan in line with its development strategy every year.
Integration Training: New staff will be provided with an integrated training program that will help you understand the history of SCTI’s development and development, understand the rules, procedures, work rules, and the environment. SCTI to quickly catch and integrate quickly with work and colleagues. Organize training sessions on professional and technical skills for new supervisors.
Management staff training: For potential development staff will be nominated to the list of potential Leadership Club, attend training courses on leadership skills, management skills. planning, organizing work and other skills.
Internal training: Regularly organize internal training, inviting specialists to teach specialized knowledge to staff. To attach importance to the actual training of the internal training, the superior training for the subordinates, the high-level training specialists for the lower level in order to further improve and raise the professional level.
Soft skills training: Focus on training soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, etc. to help employees become more confident and successful in their work.
Short-term training abroad: According to the needs of work, SCTI annually consider sending staff to learn experiences from advanced countries to apply to practical work.

6. Allowances and benefits

SCTI builds sufficient allowances to enable staff to fulfill their duties: meals allowances, telephone allowances, allowances, allowances.
Travel: SCTI organizes annual tours for employees